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Postermuppet of Godless Liberalism

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So apparently Hannity & Co. have pinpointed Sesame Street as the seat of godless liberalism in America, because Sesame Street encourages things like gender-neutral pronouns, which in turn promotes “anti-conservative discrimination.” For what it’s worth, my parents gave me both dolls and firetrucks, but then the dolls were frequently Star Wars action figures and the fire trucks were occasionally pink, so I’m not sure how that fits into Hannity’s equation. At any rate, Elmo is somehow connected to an openly gay prom queen in Virginia, and Big Bird is part of an assault on “this country’s moral foundation.”


Here’s what I got from Sesame Street:

  • Sometimes life sucks.
  • Want a cookie?

If that agenda – that central tenet of godless liberalism in a America, the assault on this country’s moral foundations and very childhood in the form of a large, vaguely bird-shaped puppet – is somehow threatening the well-coiffed anchors and panelists of Fox News – then I pity those anchors. I really do. Imagine living in a world where the Muppets constitute a threat.

What a grim, terrifying place that must be.

Go watch the segment.

And then go watch Ernie wax lyrical about rubber ducks and bathtime.

Yeah, the sqeaky duck gets a bit irritating after a while. But  a grim instrument of the liberal crusade against the church and the family in America?  Perhaps not.

If you watch the clip, it’s not even really about Sesame Street. Sesame Street is the jumping-off point, the hook they use to catch the audience. It certainly caught me – had the headline been “Fox Says Hollywood is Morally Bankrupt for the 5,879th Time,” I probably wouldn’t have looked twice. But attacking Elmo? You’ve got me.

The clip is rather a reel of the usual conspiracy theory we’ve seen over and over: liberals hate conservatives, and possibly spit on them in the streets, and conservatives are both an embattled minority paddling frantically in a sea of gay-friendly, possibly socialist cultural values and  that conservatives represent the desires and morals of the majority of the country. But it’s not conservatives getting beaten to death after school. It’s not conservatives who aren’t allowed to marry who they love. It’s not conservatives who aren’t allowed to serve in their military. It’s not conservatives who are showing 20% unemployment out of college.

And it’s not liberals, either. The split of who is being discriminated against does not fall directly down party lines; although all the points I referenced in the last paragraph are liberal issues, the people being directly effected by those issues are hardly necessarily liberal themselves. As I mentioned earlier, 30% of LGBTetc. voters went GOP in the last election. I have friends whose very lives require the use of gender-neutral pronouns, and some of those friends are conservative. People on both sides of the line are getting screwed – and for Hannity & Co. to paint it as a simple dichotomy is not only factually wrong, but morally suspect. It distracts from the real issues in favor of partisan pandering, painting complex issues as clear-cut wars to garner ratings. And possibly – out of all of this imbroglio – that’s what’s most wrong with this picture.


Written by whackanarwhal

June 8, 2011 at 12:26 pm

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  1. Raging so hard right now. Logic escapes these people.

    Brad J

    June 8, 2011 at 12:41 pm

    • I’m kind of waiting to hear that the word “sesame” is a sneaky liberal promotion of Middle Eastern values. You know, like felafel.


      June 8, 2011 at 1:29 pm

  2. […] > Sean Hannity said that Big Bird was evil. I disputed that assertion. […]

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