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> Republican congressman Dana Rohrabacher, senior member of the House Committee on Science, asked in hearings:

“Is there some thought being given to subsidizing the clearing of rain forests in order for some countries to eliminate that production of greenhouse gases? …Or would people be supportive of cutting down older trees in order to plant younger trees as a means to prevent this disaster from happening?”

It would appear that the venerable congressman was unaware the trees actually reduce climate change. Committee on Science, eh? In the words of Jack: “tell me wonkette.com is a subsidiary of The Onion I was unaware of…”

Nope, just your legislature at work. Or something.

> An official representing the Yemeni opposition has announced that the opposition would be happy to sign an agreement with the West to combat al Qaeda in Yemen. Given that a lot of news reports I’ve read would indicate that al Qaeda makes up at least some portion of the Yemeni opposition, I’m not entirely convinced that this would be anything other than a symbolic agreement. Anyway, Yemeni president Saleh has said that without him as president, al Qaeda would take over the country, but that sort of seems to be happening anyway.

> Syrian tanks have attacked three more Syrian cities after cutting all telecommunications to the area. The death toll in Syria since protests began nearly ten weeks ago is now believed to be above 1,000. Also, Syrian soldiers are being shot by their comrades for refusing to kill civilians.

> Following the arrest of Ratko Mladic, the former Bosnian Serb military leader charged with perpetrating genocide and other crimes against humanity from 1992-1995 in the Balkans, over 10,000 Serbian nationalists have gathered in central Belgrade, proclaiming Mladic a national hero and throwing stones at riot police. However, this apparently qualifies as a muted response for the area; last month, when two former generals were given heavy sentences for war crimes at the Hague, nearly 30,000 turned out in protest.

> John McCain says that “of course” Sarah Palin could beat Obama in 2012. Man, remember how we were all worried during the 2008 election that McCain could be senile? Thank God that never transpired!

> Old Navy has debuted a line of gay pride tees, with 10% of proceeds going to It Gets Better. I may have to set foot in an Old Navy for the first time since 2007. (On the other hand, given the way that Old Navy tends to fit me, or at least did back in the day, I may take a stack into a dressing room, try them all on, discard them all, buy a package of boy’s undershirts, paint my own pride tee, and drop $5 in the mail to It Gets Better.)

> Five myths about women in combat.

> Catholic Charities of Rockford, IL is shutting its foster care and adoption services to avoid having to comply with a state law allowing gay and lesbian families to adopt/foster. The decision will displace about 350 children. Because that is totally what Jesus would do.

> Iowa Republican and former senator Jeff Angelo has launched a campaign supporting same-sex marriage. Five years ago, while in the Iowa senate, he co-sponsored a bill to prohibit same-sex marriage in Iowa, but now says his former position on the issue was wrong.

“This debate centers around the devaluation of the lives of a select group of people,” Angelo of Creston told the legislature during a public hearing earlier this year when he first spoke publicly in favor of same-sex marriage. “At its worst, we are being asked to believe that our gay friends and neighbors are involved in a nefarious agenda. The outcome of which, supposedly, is the unraveling of society itself.”

…is he sure he’s a Republican? Wow.

> Glamour interviews Rachel Maddow. I may have to buy this issue. Dang.

Maddow: …I mean, there are haters who, every time we cover anything that has anything to do with gay rights, will say, “Oh, you’re only covering this because you’re a homo.” But whatever. They also make fun of my blazers.

> My fingernails are blue. I really can’t describe how happy this makes me.

> …I should specify that they’re blue on purpose.


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May 29, 2011 at 5:45 pm

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    Also, poor McCain. He seems like such a nice, smart guy, but he’s gonna have to support Palin forever.


    May 29, 2011 at 6:11 pm

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