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> International Monetary Fund (IMF) managing director Dominique Strauss-Kahn is under increasing pressure to resign his post following his arrest under suspicion of sexual assault. He has been denied bail. Furthermore, prior allegations of – let’s call it misbehavior – by Strauss Kahn are coming to light. Additionally, the lawyer of the alleged victim, a maid at an upscale Manhattan hotel, has stated that she has no reason to fabricate the charges, and was unaware of her assailant’s identity until after the attack.

> A report from the British House of Commons has released a report indicating that the bin Laden not-assassination sets a precedent for actions to be taken against other suspected terrorist operatives:

“A wider implication is that the killing may be seen as a precedent for targeted killings of individuals by any state, across international boundaries, at least where terrorism is involved..The more states act in this way, the more likely it is to become accepted, at least politically if not as a matter of international law.”

> American secretary of state Hilary Clinton and her counterparts in the EU have stated that additional steps will be taken against Syria in Syria’s crackdown of dissidents. Mass graves have been reported by residents outside the city of Senaa; Syria is denying these reports.

> Former Egyptian First Lady Suzanne Mubarak has allegedly been released after handing her assets over to the state. Her husband, former President Hosni Mubarak, is allegedly drafting a letter pleading for amnesty for himself and his family.

> Najla al-Hariri, a Saudi housewife, drove non-stop for four days in the streets of the Red Sea city of Jeddah “to defend her belief that Saudi women should be allowed to drive.”

> Donald Trump and Mike Huckabee have both announced their intention to not run for president. Drat. I was looking forward to this. Trump maintains that he would win if he run, but is “not ready to leave the private sector.Huckabee cited “personal reasons” in his decision not to run, but maintains that he “would have made a fine president.” Meanwhile, Rep. Michelle Bachman (R-MN) is expected to announce her candidacy (or lack thereof) in late May.

> The San Fransisco Giants (go figure) are the first sports team to make an “It Gets Better” video.

> Overspread fertilizer is believed to be causing widespread exploding watermelon crop in eastern China.

> “Scientists at the National Zoo say they have detected a rise in hormone levels in the female giant panda, Mei Xiang (may-SHONG) that could indicate she may give birth or end a false pregnancy by early July.”

> The West Wing episode “Two Cathedrals” aired ten years ago this week. I remember watching the broadcast. Here, have a clip.


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