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> Sorry about the radio silence, folks, but I’m back home, grades are up, and I’m job-hunting tomorrow, so I’m proud to announce that we’re back to our regularly scheduled raging programming. I’ve been spamming yall’s Facebooks like crazy, so I know you’ve been at least somewhat well-informed in the midst of finals season. For one thing, this one guy was assassinated by US forces operating out of Pakistan; it was the night before my baby soc and stats finals, but I liveblogged the whole thing because I love you that much, and also because I am a news junkie (I know I ate your newsfeeds. I do not repent). Anyway, we killed a guy, and the following celebratory activities were somewhat alarming (dear people in the parking lot whooping and honking incessantly: You keep saying ‘we’ got him. You keep using this pronoun. I do not think it means what you think it means). Anyway, this was about a week after Pakistan politely requested that the US get its interfering backside out of the country, so Pakistan looks a bit silly. Pakistan’s present behavior isn’t helping them look much better, and India would like you know (would really like you to know) that they were right all along, thank you very much. And cricket players in both countries sigh.

> Eman al-Obeidy has fled Libya for Tunisia, hiding in the back of the car of a defecting Libyan military officer. At this point, I’m just glad (and surprised) that she’s alive.

> The article’s details are sketchy, but apparently the Turkish government (AKP) is planning to require all internet users to purchase one of four content-filtering packages. The opposition party (CHP) is vigorously protesting the decision. This will be a hotbed issue in the upcoming election, which I believe is in July. If this is a reaction against the revolts throughout North Africa, it’s reactionary, badly-timed, and in short ill-advised.

> At least 250 people have been arrested in Syria since Saturday.

> Tunisia has set up an independent electoral oversight body in preparation for the July 24 elections.

> Kuwait is allegedly replacing Syria on Geneva’s Human Rights Council.

> China would like you to know that Beijing is not Cairo, and please stop looking at them like their recent crackdowns make them look fat.

> Retreating pro-Gbagbo forces have been accused of massacring 200 civilians in Cote d’Ivoire.

> I don’t know what a “Vatican-appointed panel of scientists” looks like, but they’ve decided climate change is something we should worry about. The Vatican decided the heliocentric model was something we could get behind in 1992, 376 years after the Pope politely asked Galileo to pipe down in 1616. So the lag is catching up, at least.

> Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) has called for an Amtrak ‘no-ride list.’ This would be the time to be remembering that the legislative response to those uncomfortable with airport security theater was to suggest that those wishing to opt out could take trains instead.

> A representative from Missouri makes an excellent point (in public! On purpose!): “How many gays must God create before we accept that he wants them around?” He has since been called “evil” and “a blasphemer.” Really, kids, what would Jesus do? (If you want to tell me that he owns a gun and votes Republican, you may form an orderly line to the left.)

Lee posted this on my Facebook the other day:

If this is going to be a Christian nation that doesn’t help the poor, either we have to pretend that Jesus was just as selfish as we are, or we’ve got to acknowledge that He commanded us to love the poor and serve the needy without condition and then admit that we just don’t want to do it. -Stephen Colbert

> Indian governor Mitch Daniels has signed a bill into law defunding Planned Parenthood in Indiana, including clinics that do not offer abortion services. Those clinics see 3,500 patients a year and perform 4,000 pap smears, 1 in 10 of which comes back ‘severely abnormal.’

> The Ugandan parliament is set to vote on the “kill the gays” bill within 24 hours. Sign a petition condemning the bill here; 300,000 (including yours truly) have already signed. I’m sure Rachel Maddow’s been covering this quite competently; alas, I haven’t watched TRMS since spring break.

> The first class of female submarine officers have begun training. The Jezebel comments on the article are pretty great.

> Facebook has been caught leaking access  (leaking in the sense that the Hoover Dam was a leak) to millions of users profiles, photos, and other data through a bug that overrides security settings (via Ben).

> Journalist Aaron Barnhart of The Kansas City Star managed to score a ticket to the White House Correspondent’s Dinner last weekend; his following write-up is well worth a read (and the Star being the Star, it won’t be up forever, so take a look before it’s gone). Apparently Rachel Maddow described the event as a “nerd prom” and was bartending at an afterparty. Long live the free press. Also, if you haven’t seen videos of the roasts from the Dinner – run, don’t walk, because they are things of beauty. Here, I’ll help:

> A group of Christian activists believe the world will end on May 21. So…yeah. Keep an eye out.

> Queen Elizabeth II is apparently really into her iPad.


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