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White rabbits!

> The US and the Brits have intelligence folk (not necessarily intelligent folk) on the ground in Libya. All who are surprised: a show of hands? This comes shortly after President Obama announced that no American military ground troops would be involved, which of course most of the world took to mean that no Americans period would be on the ground. Those hairs, man, they split so fine…

> This, too; the GOP in Congress trying to limit tax breaks for insurance companies that cover abortions. But when has it ever been financially prudent to be pro-woman?

“This is overkill plus, and the purpose of it escapes me,” said Rep. Shelley Berkley, D-Nev., a committee member. “We’re debating an issue that is so inconsequential to the lives of most Americans.” She said she was “annoyed” that the committee was spending time on an issue “that’s obviously very ideological and has nothing to do with the health care bill, and nothing really to do with taxes or getting people back to work.”

Remember when this session started and the GOP was promising that the economy was the priority? Can we get back to that?

> To reiterate, because it bears repeating: the rebels in Libya are not Islamists. Neither were the rebels in Egypt or Tunisia. Please dial down blood pressure and rhetoric accordingly.

> Qaddafi forces are laying mines; depending on the scale of the operation, this is bad or very, very, very bad. Because the world really needs another minefield.

> Geert Wilders’ trial is go in the Netherlands. Depending on the verdict, I’ll be curious to see the Tea Party response.

> According to the BBC, “the past 10 days have seen the most serious escalation of violence in and around Gaza since Israel’s major operation against Hamas over two years ago.” (warning, video).

> via RJ Young on Facebook: “India state bans book for hinting Ghandi had a gay lover.”

“It has become a fashion to tarnish the image of great Indian leaders for self publicity and sale of books,” said Sanjay Dutt, spokesman for the ruling Congress Party in Maharashtra. “The government should invoke a law to severely punish anyone who tarnishes the image of the father of the nation.”

Alternately, you can choose to not see homosexuality as tarnishing. There are always other options. I understand the massive cultural factors here – as the article says, homosexuality was illegal in India until 2009. I just – there is such opportunity here to destigmatize homosexuality.

> And finally –




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  1. […] > India’s minister of health Ghulam Nabi Azad has sparked a not insignificant uproar in the international community after describing gay sex (by which he appeared to mean gay male sex) as “unnatural” and “a disease which has come from other countries.” Did I mention that this was at a conference on HIV/Aids? Because it was.Homosexuality was decriminalized in India in 2009, but is still broadly stigmatized; a book suggesting that Ghandi might have been gay was banned earlier this year. […]

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