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So I have a ton of links lined up to post, but it’s late and I have an exam tomorrow…so here’s the basics.

Also, someone remind me to do laundry before I run out of socks.

> New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg dressed up as Spider-Man. Ostensibly for a charity dinner.

> Newt Gingrich is apparently highly worried that Future!America will be dominated by secular atheist fundamentalist Muslims…yeah. I have a headache. Newt’s publicist has announced that his boss meant secular atheists or fundamentalist Muslims. I bet his publicist has a headache, too.

> Women are returning to funeral industry; female graduates of mortuary schools are up from 5% (1970) to 57%. I brought this up at dinner with some university faculty, and one aptly pointed out that the median wage of an undertaker is soon to drop like a stone. [ed. 03/30 to fix numbers – my math was very, very, very off ]

> Depending on whether you believe the headline or first paragraph of this article, the cabinet of Syrian president Bashar Assad have either all been fired or resigned; either way, they’re gone, and no doubt this highly symbolic move will soothe the savage beasts, red in tooth and claw – sorry, I mean the protesters.

> An American congressional panel discovered today that American Muslims face growing oppression! A good portion of which has likely come from the people on that panel. Nice job, guys.

> Eman al-Obeidy is still being held by Quaddafi forces. Her captors have allegedly contacted her parents and offered various rewards – cash, a new house – if Eman recants or changes her story. The Libyan government has also now decided that al-Obeidy is not, in fact, mentally ill as had been previously claimed, and is in fact able to stand trial (for what, precisely, is unclear).

> More on this later – hopefully over the weekend – but Israel is threatening ‘unilateral action’ if the UN moves to recognize Palestine’s statehood. I’ve only had time to skim the article, but it looks just fascinating.

> I’d be curious to see what Brad makes of this (hi, Brad!), but the Fukushima reactor is apparently still having serious issues – the phrase ‘may not be saved’ and variations thereof appear at multiple points during the article, but I don’t know precisely what that means.

> PJ  Crowley, the State Department spokesperson who publicly criticized Bradley Manning’s treatment in prison shortly before being fired/resigning, expands his remarks here. Whether or not you agree with Manning’s actions, (something Crowley discusses, and he makes some good points I hadn’t considered) I think we can generally agree that “… if you have to explain why a guy is standing naked in the middle of a jail cell, you have a policy in need of urgent review.”

I feel like a lot of American policy lately has involved metaphorical (and literal) guys standing naked in the middle of their cells.


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March 30, 2011 at 1:04 am

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  1. […] Eman al-Obeidy, whose story I’ve discussed here and here, is being charged with slander by the men she named as attackers. A government spokesman would like […]

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